Why Choose Us

Believing in Yes learning culture 89%
Emphasizing on living naturally 92%
Child Care 96%
Child Safety 100%

Full Day Pre-school

Sunshine Pre-School provides a safe, stimulating and supportive environment for children where learning takes place and creative expression is encouraged because the early years of child considered the basic years to mold and direct the child’s progress. Our school is one of the best Anishan English Institute The school is designed keeping in mind the needs of a growing child with lots of open space, spacious well ventilated classrooms and a safe and secure environment. We Celebration of various festivals like Christmas, Janmashtami, Navratri and Cultural awareness and importance of these festivals for a particular religion

Abacus classes fun-filled games to develop mathematical skills and cognitive intelligence in children, to develop creative thinking in children, to develop physical health along with other extra-curricular activities such as painting, dance and music.

We basically focus on enhancing the overall development of a child. We endeavor to develop a positive learning attitude and strengthen a child’s confidence.